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Caroline Petrement and Céline Masson likes to work together since they met at Cirque Éloize.
They both created their own apparatus, one in duo (duo cocoon) and one in solo (the french’air).
Caroline has a very sexy solo straps that could also be more classic.
Céline has her solo chair: an original and very unique act with a french touch which will surprise everyone and make nobody see a chair as before

Duo cocoon:
This unique apparatus is very visual. This act will impress everyone because
of the synchronize and the control of the artists.
There are different versions with differents vibes but always with a strong
In this act each artist becomes the mirror of the other. Are they twins or is it
the same person? Sometime they break the mirror by melting together.
They finally take off in the last spin when they spread their wings.

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