Kristi Wade


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Kristi Wade

Aerial Hoop, Stirrups, Sports Acrobatics, Trapeze, Tissu, Trampoline, Acrobatic Contortion



Aerial and Ground acts for hire. list shown above. Customized to suit ANY theme and event.

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Kristi Wade

Artist Experience

Professional Performer for 10 years, Started at a young age in all areas of sport.

EG: Circus, Trampolining, Sports Acrobatics, Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics, Dance. Oztag.

Trained In Beijing International School of Arts, Dancing in the Air with Olga Sidorova, Cirque De La Vie. Lynette Wards Acrobatics Academy.,/p>

Currently Coach and Perform with Aerialize, Sydney Aerial Theatre and Sydney Trapeze School.

Performed all over Australia for Corperate Events, Hotels, Fundraisers, The Opera House, Darwin Starlight Foundation, Youth Olympic Opening Ceremony.

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