Julia Sanchez


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Julia Sanchez

Cloud Swing, Dance Trapeze Acro-balance, Aerials, Fire Juggling, Dancing



Julia discovered her different talents while working with P&0 Australia where she performs dance trapeze, double hoop, acrobalance, fire juggling, hand to hand bungee and cloud swing.

Julia has created a cloud swing solo act with DITA directed by Olga Sidorova in Sydney, a new challenge which pushes her to the limit of her artistic and physical ability. It is a journey above emotions, beauty and freedom.

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Julia Sanchez

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Julia decided to leave her home country and follow her dream. She went to Paris and went to L´académie Fratellini where they made an exception and accepted her. There she met her coach Sacha Duvrovsky who made her discover the cloudswing and gain important experience on stage, defining herself artisticly. She also created a solo act with Bernard Kudlak from Cirque Plume and performed in different festivals.

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