Sarah Prytula

Aerial Dreams

Sarah Prytula
Outline this project, and what was your goal?

The project was to create a Ice skating/ flying act for, ‘Holiday on Ice’, a touring Ice Show Production Company. The goal was to create an act that really highlighted the uniqueness of having an ice skater that could create a relationship between the ice and air.

What were the challenges you faced in achieving your objective?

A collection of challenged surfaced while creating this project. Elements and maneuvers practiced in the studio were harder and not possible to do whilst on the ice and with skating boots on.

How has DITA helped you to achieve this?

DITA explored my possibilities as not just another performer but to really appreciate what flying really can express.

What solutions and services were provided to you?

DITA had a very professional approach to my project. DITA provided an ‘Act Creation’ that provided me with a collection of services from scheduled private lessons, work shops, video analyses, to Video resume to name just a few.

What do you think was different about the creative approach at DITA?

DITA created a very personal relationship with me as a student. DITA focuses on achieving the goals set out together as a team.

How would you rate the services provided by DITA?

I rate DITA very highly due to its personal and unique approach to each individual student. As a student I felt 100% supported in my work and know that anyone who wanted to achieve something special would feel just the same.

Any personal comments?

DITA provided me with a generous amount of support, knowledge and guidance. Without DITA I believe my project would not have been achieved in the short amount of time that was given to create an act.

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