Kasia Florczuk

Frozen Beauty

Kasia Florczuk

Kasia Florczuk is a professional ice skater from Poland who has performed internationally and has been training with DITA to create a unique dance trapeze act especially for the ice. The act especially created for her is entitled “Frozen Beauty.” You will not see another act like this because it involves dance trapeze and dynamic trapeze on and over ice. Despite blades that weigh 5 kilos, Kasia magically manages to look light and elegant in the air.

Why did you decide to train with Olga? (DITA)

I decided to train with Olga because of her experience in working with figure skaters. I knew it would be easier to work with someone who understands where I am coming from. Olga also has a unique approach to each of her students. Once we started training and creating my act I could see that we are both creative and able to come up with some interesting things.

What was the creation process like for you?

Figure skaters have very strong legs but no upper body muscles. It was a big challenge for me to build the strength that is needed in aerials. I was very happy when I did my first chin up.
I really liked the act creation process as I feel like I got to come up with a concept that was entirely my idea. I wasn’t told what and how to do it. I just got a chance to be creative and express myself.

Did you feel not having a gymnastics background was a disadvantage? If so, how did you overcome it?

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Unlike skaters people who come from gymnastics already has a set of skills that are very useful in aerials. In terms of technique I definitely had to start from scratch. At the beginning I had to get used to simple things like hanging upside down as my brain and body just weren’t familiar with it at all.

How do you approach competition differently from artistic performance?

I love performing so much more than competing. I feel like I get to be free in my performance and entertain the audience not only show a set of skills that I have. Competing is all about elements and doing well that one time when you are in front of the judges. When you are working as a show artist, you have to be on stage every night, which is also tough but so much more enjoyable.

What advice do you have for students who seek a professional career?

I would say work very hard and go for your dreams! There are definitely sacrifices and disappointments going into it but also achievements and adventures. It’s very important to keep trying and not to get discouraged. Hard work pays off!

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