Julia Sanchez

I Didn’t Pick Cloudswing, Cloudswing Picked Me


Ms. Julia Sanchez was born in Mexico City to a surgeon father and banker mother, and was strongly influenced by her maternal grandmother. From a young age she was fascinated by dance and circus, but she studied architecture and design because her parents wanted her to have a more practical career.

She applied to the Academie Fratellini Circus School in Paris France on an impulse and was delighted to be accepted. She studied dance trapeze and cloudswing with Sacha Duvrovsky but fell in love with cloudswing. Cirque du Soleil was interested in her audition tape, but as they only have one cloud swing act in their current shows, she had to look elsewhere for work. The Dragone Company and Cirque du Demain expressed interest in her for a festival, but by that time she had already contracted with P&O Lines to perform solo cloudswing on their Pacific Pearl ship, which she has been doing with great success since November 2010.

Julia is taking advantage of a break in Sydney to work with Dancing in the Air to improve her artistry and technique and create new choreography for her act.