Dancing in the Air Aerial Workshop

The DITA Creative Aerial Workshop takes place three times every year @ Sydney Uni, 30A Western Ave., Camperdown, NSW 2006. In 2022, join us on October 29th, November 5th and 12th (Saturdays) from 2pm – 5pm for our Spring Edition Workshop where you will learn the ropes of creative artistic expression in a fun and open environment. All levels are welcome.

What is the Creative Aerial Workshop

DITA’s Aerial Workshop Program will take you to the next level of aerial display! We give you the tools necessary to choreograph your own performance and skills for directing acts. Our aim is to provide each student with the ultimate aerial experience, to guide them to the point of discovering that their own dreams can come true! This in a highly personalised program with former Cirque du Soleil star Olga Sidorova and space is limited to six participants, so register now online!

What the Workshop Offers

  • You will have the opportunity to train personally with Olga Sidorova.
  • Depending on your level, you will learn basic or advanced skills, or how to sharpen existing skills
  • You will learn how to move in the air.
  • You will learn how to relate to the apparatus.
  • You will learn how to unlock your emotions in performance
  • You will learn the fundamentals of act creation.
  • You will learn how to tell stories in the air and connect with an audience.


  • Lyra / Aerial Hoop.
  • Static Trapeze.
  • Dance Trapeze.
  • Tissu / Silks.
  • Bungee.
  • Rope.
  • …or equipment of your choice.

Students who complete all 3 modules will receive the DITA Graduation Certificate and qualify to enrol in the Master Class.

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Workshop Modules & Price

The Workshop program includes 3 x 3 hour modules. These modules are for all skill levels, including beginners. We suggest taking them in order. You can also repeat a single module if you wish to concentrate on that area. Book individual modules for $149 or all 3 and save $148.

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How to relate to the equipment and to the audience. Although we teach this as an introduction, there are many professional performers who never learn this because they are only taught technique and tricks. But at DITA, we believe you can progress faster and further if you learn how to connect to the equipment and to the audience. These things are different for aerial than for gymnastics or dancing or other skills because you cannot fly without equipment and you are dependent on it for your whole act. As for the audience, aerialists are in a different position relative to the audience than normal stage performers, and because of that most aerialists never learn how to connect with their audience.


We focus on how to communicate with your body with the goal being to tell a story in the air. Specifically, DITA teaches artists how to move upside down, because this is something non-aerialists never had to learn.


We focus on telling stories. The key to telling stories is unlocking yourself and showing the audience how you feel. It is amazing how a performance can change simply by telling a performer to dress a certain way, or play certain music, or imagine her lover is standing below. Emotion is the final key to the evolution of a story and it is the difference between simply being an athlete and being an artist.

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Important Documentation

Feedback from a previous student

The workshops are broken down into bite sized nuggets of pure gold. Olga is so generous as a teacher and makes everything seem simple. In an art form full for danger and fear, she creates an environment of support and encouragement to explore and experiment.

J Baylie