Kasia Florczuk


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Kasia Florczuk

Ice Skater, Silks, Lyra and Trapeze



Kasia is a professional figure skater and an aerial artist. She specializes in quite a rare act of performing aerial arts on ice. Her favourite apparatus is dance trapeze but she also works on different equipment such as aerial silks and aerial hoop. Kasia is a single skater originally but she also has experience in adagio and synchronized skating. She also holds a rigging license and can manage her own equipment and rigging.


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Sydney, Australia



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Kasia Florczuk

Artist Experience

Kasia has performed extensively in spectaculars such as: Stars On Ice Russian Theater on ice "Color-Ice" and Agosta Artist Co With further extensive training in Australia with world renowned Olga Sidorova and Dancing in the Air, she has fuse together a rare and extremely talented skill of performing aerial on ice. She has created ice acts combined with silks, lyra and trapeze, with stunning elegance and artistry.