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Talent Profiles

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DITA is a boutique team with 20 years experience in the industry at all levels, from performing to coaching to creating and managing. We believe the next step is to link artists directly with companies and organizations that wish to hire stunning acts.

The days are gone when artists didn’t have to worry about marketing and promotion but could leave that to others. Competition for jobs has never been more intense and if other artists are marketing themselves but you are not, that leaves you at a distinct disadvantage.

We provide quality artist profiles and photographic services to aerial artists as well as being a focal point for event organisers in search of star performers.

We want you to feel unique, beautiful and sexy, with around the clock access and full control over your own profile and promotion.

The good news is that social media allows artists to reach around the globe, but still there are many artists with great skills who have not taken on the challenge. Dancing in the Air wants to make it easy for you by creating our Artists Profiles.
With Artist Profiles we give you pages where you can easily upload biographical info, photos, videos, links to your Facebook, LinkedIn or website, whatever you want. Your profile is linked to Dancingintheair.com, but you can also send it to whomever you like and you can have direct contact with event planners, circuses and other interested parties.
We will also promote you by including your profile in mailings, newsletters, etc.

For more information contact us, or to set up your own artist profile go to ‘get your profile’ from the menu bar.

New Faces

  • Kate Nelson
  • Katie Hardwick
  • Anastasia
  • Elise Jaworowski
  • Adam & Jessica
  • Rick Everett
  • Kate Lawrence
  • Samantha Smith
  • Anouk Vallée-Charest
  • Catch Knot Fall
  • Ekaterina
  • Duo Focus
  • Li Pawson
  • Alexis
  • Muddy
  • Pavel
  • Ruslan Guseynov
  • Jonathan Snyder
  • Snezhana & Vitaly
  • Heidi Hickling-Moore
  • Jenny Glowacki
  • Extreme Fly
  • Tanya Bogino
  • Rachel Strickland
  • Anudari & Khaliun
  • Zoe Baldock
  • Kasia Florczuk
  • Anna Murray
  • Seraina & Simon
  • Sergei & Anastasia
  • Trash Test Dummies
  • Pin-Up
  • Tana Karo
  • Christa Wilson
  • Shila Toledano
  • Sammy Dinneen
  • Viktoria Knysh
  • Fedor and Yana
  • Mathieu Bolillo
  • Leyla Rees
  • Emelie Sandberg
  • Koblikov Sergey
  • George Texaco
  • Slava Popov
  • Alyssa Morar
  • Avital & Jochen
  • Trhas Gidey
  • Unreal Entertainment
  • Simon Scotting
  • Stan Ricketson
  • Valerie Murzak
  • Hope & Roilan
  • Nicole Gillett
  • Dmitry & Olga
  • The Great Gordo Gamsby
  • Chloé Gardiol
  • Marion Crampe
  • Serena Cannale
  • Manelaya Elektra
  • Romain Cabon
  • Nurmurod Dusyenov
  • Aline Chapet–Batlle
  • Letisha
  • Jack Dawson
  • Josephine Glover
  • Charlie Truscott
  • Julia Sanchez
  • Kristi Wade
  • Elli Huber
  • Sarah Yvonne-Prtyula

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